2021 TNM (2021 Top Naija Moments – 4)

Top Pastime of the year

  1. Talebearing

Top Moment of Dissonance

  1. The reaction that followed the death of Sylvester Oromoni versus the reaction that followed the death of 8 children inside a Honda Pilot in Badagry, Lagos

Top Indicator of the potential of teenagers and youths generally to sway any cultural or political tide in the Nigeria

  1. Wholesale participation in BBNaija offerings
  2. Wholesale participation in services of Betting Services Providers
  3. Wholesale support for leading musicians, entertainers and influencers

Top Inspirational Police moment

  1. The policeman in Delta state who gifted tricycle passengers with cash gifts to celebrate Christmas
  2. SP Felix Ekpoudom’s celebration of Christmas with detained suspects in Akwa Ibom

Top Growing International Interest by Nigerians

  1. The Pursuit of Dual Citizenship

Top Callous Moment of 2021

  1. The moment 30 bus passengers were burnt to death in Sokoto

Top Disappointing moment

  1. Reactions to the Lagos Endsars Panel Report

Top Encouraging Moment

  1. The discovery that the projections concerning cataclysmic flooding situations did not occur
  2. The discovery that massive deaths from life-threatening viruses did not occur
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