Peter Dinklage’s Cyrano, his soldiers and brief musings about Russian/Ukrainian soldiers currently engaged in war – 3

A soldier sings “I have a girl. I think I love her. I should have told her instead I told her mother. I gave her chocolates. I bought a ring but I never told her anything but I can see her in every detail now turning in my mind. I barely knew that girl at all but I will love her till the end of time…”

Since time began, fathers have been known to share a special bond with their daughters yet this soldier who confessed that he barely knew Isabelle his daughter says he would love ‘her till the end of time.’ Can anyone really love another that they barely know? And will Isabelle believe the contents of the letter? Will she not think he was only trying to assuage his conscience because he knew the end had come? Would she not have preferred him doing all the things he wished he did instead of sending her a letter?

Can the leaders of Russia and Ukraine consider the special bonds they share with the girls in their lives as similar to the special bonds the soldiers out there in the field share with their daughters and use it as basis for reviewing the ongoing conflict to the extent that fathers wish to spend precious time with their daughters and tell them about things, they have been longing to tell them?

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