France President Emmanuel Macron: those security blushes as metaphor, necessitating a closer examination of Vulnerability

First, there was a slap from one of his countrymen as France President Emmanuel Macron went on an interaction with some of his countrymen. Then more recently was the report of a hack on one of his telephones by spyware released through a company with specialty in that area.

There is no doubt that by now an expansive review of the situations would have been undertaken by the relevant French agencies, and more efficient systems activated to forestall a reoccurrence. Yet the audacity of the two incidents on one of the most powerful leaders in the world, warrants a commentary.

It is true that the best security arrangements for the most important persons and institutions are not discussed in the open, for obvious reasons but it does not preclude us from summoning vulnerability to the stand for some examination, even though the proposition that we may summon an entity that seems to always be ahead of us, is itself a complex concern.

We begin with an acknowledge that vulnerability is oppressive, because it always seems to be ahead of us. That we are always trying to play catch up with it. That vulnerability steals in on us. Leaving us in dread with its unending riddles, puzzles and dark questions. None of its offerings is daintily or coolly served. Which leaves us in unending suspense. As we remain in pursuit, always endeavouring that we are not caught napping because of it. Powerful persons and institutions do not like to appear vulnerable so there is a constant battle to cover areas exposed by vulnerability. But trust vulnerability, the relentless customer to continue its unending quest to expose another area of weakness sooner or later.

Thankfully, we have been given an ally to help us in our pursuit of vulnerability. That ally is time. When we look at time, we may find some features of vulnerability that can help us engage it more fruitfully. Any look at time that does not consider its creator, is incomplete. Who is the creator of time apart from the same God, who loves it when men, acknowledging their vulnerabilities, seek his help in reining the shifting-monster, and converting his expose of our weaknesses, into strengths?

As the level of uncertainties in the world heightens because of increased vulnerabilities across board, further complicated by advances in technology and the like, and we continue to give our best responses to strengthening our defenses, we may find succor in leaving some matters in the hands of the only one without any weakness! Or vulnerability.

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