Saved by Wee Wee forces (an unusual answer to persistent nightmares)

One day an old man was reclining in his chair in the cool of the day when a young man walked up to him and complained of persistent nightmares. The following conversation ensued between them:

Old man: “Are you unemployed?”

Young man: “What do you mean, Baba?”

Old man: “Do you have a job?”

Young man: “Am I too young to have a job, Baba?

Old man: “What did you say your problem was again?”

Young man: “Persistent nightmares.”

Old man: “Why didn’t you answer that with a question, like before?”

Young man: “What do you mean, Baba?”

Old man: “Please leave me and don’t waste my time.”

Young man: I’m sorry, Baba. Please tell what I should do to stop the nightmares.”

Old man: “Drink two cups of water, thirty minutes after dinner every night for one week.”

It was a most unusual prescription. Interestingly, it worked. In the middle of the night when the nightmares began, and nothing he did saved him, the call of nature, from his bloated bladder the night before, forced open his eyes! And then nightmares were over.

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