Pause for a moment as Serena Williams’ ‘evolving away from tennis, toward other things that are important…’

Why should I pause?

Because it’s Serena. And you’re going to miss her even if you want to pretend that you won’t.

When did I say I won’t miss her? Are you trying to bring out the Festus Keyamo in me or what?

Bring out the Festus Keyamo in you? What are you talking about?

That means you didn’t see Festus Keyamo on Arise TV last night.

What did he say?

Before he answered the first questions from Amaka and Adesuwa the hosts, he made a rebuttal to some of the comments Rufai Oseni, Ojy Okpe and Tundun Abiola had earlier made in another broadcast. And he insisted he wished to be properly quoted.

Fair enough but please this is about Serena Williams’ announcement of her finally quitting competitive tennis.

Truth be told, she gave us some great moments, right?

Most definitely

So you agree that there is a need to pause for a moment and donate some of our time to reflect over the many times she transported us to some faraway places.

You’re right. She was simply phenomenal on the courts and for so many years for that matter.

She was but do you know one major sad part of this whole announcement? The fact that one cannot really, properly and reasonably digest the import of the legend moving away from competitive tennis.

Who’s stopping you?

It’s actually who and what for there are things and people happening all around us and ‘demanding’ some of our time. When was the last time you actually reflected over a considerable period of time? Your attention is being drawn from here to there by all kinds of attention-seeking people and things.

I know, right?

And do you know my key takeaway from all this: those of us who are trying so hard to win the applause, admiration of others and not minding the methods we employ to get there ought to remember that the same people we work so hard to stay in their faces, may barely pay us a moment to even reflect on what we accomplished when we step away from it all because they are themselves grappling with the attention-seeking gang.
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