So rainwater is no longer safe to drink

You have come again o. Pls don’t make my grandma sadder than she is already

Oh, so your grandma is still alive. Lucky you. Mine has long gone. By the way, I thought she celebrated her 83rd birthday two years ago, if I’m not mistaken. And please don’t come and be reacting as if your grandma still drinks rainwater.

If she doesn’t drink rainwater anymore, what about millions of rural dwellers who do?

They will adapt

They will adapt? That’s not fair.

Is life fair? Look around you, how much fairness can you see?

Oh, so it is ok for us to spoil the environment by our lifestyle and corrupt things we once enjoyed so that they become poisonous for rural dwellers and the next generation. Is it fair for us to continue to misuse the environment and treat it as if it doesn’t matter? My grandma drank rainwater for decades and my parents did too. I drank rainwater for years. Infact, I remember my teachers in primary school telling us that rainwater was good to drink. It was the next best source of drinkable water after water from the spring. Do you remember those big earthen pots we used to have around the house for collecting rainwater back in the days? Now our folks in the rural areas can no longer enjoy that pleasure. Because of what exactly? I didn’t even ask you where you got the information from.

Where else would such information come from but through scientists. According to a new study by some scientists from Stockholm University, rainwater everywhere on the planet is unsafe to drink due to levels of toxic chemicals known as PFAS.

Are you sure we are not going to pay more dearly the way we are going? This is not any doomsday statement, by the way.

I see your point. But by the way, how many presidential candidates and those seeking election into public offices by the next election cycle in 2023 are giving considerable attention to matters of the environment from what you have seen so far?

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