If you teeth me, I will tongue you

The teeth were not designed to bite the tongue. Though seemingly stronger, fitter and faster. The relationship between the two is sophisticated yet ordinary. It is ordinary because of the tendency to classify routine operations as monotonous. Even when the operations are sophisticated, intricate and complicated like that of the teeth and tongue.

The landscape of the teeth and tongue was always one of harmony until the day the teeth gave the tongue a bite. The tongue recoiled in pain. Whatever got into the teeth to hit on its neighbour and companion? Accident. Exactly. It was an accident. Accidents are interruptions. They come in different forms and often alter conditions from what they used to be.

Many accidents-induced changes may be irreversible but the teeth and tongue are not in those categories. Is anything more impressive than a bruised tongue caressing the corners and front sides of the teeth? How many can tell? Is anything more beautiful and refreshing than when men repay evil with good or when you hear the enchanting tune, “If you teeth me, I will tongue you?”

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