With goodwill, like Dakota Johnson, we too may attain The High Note of our dreams

Goodwill is a timeless asset worth its weight in gold and more. It is an influencer with incredible power. An influencer that requires we give it more attention these days when many have set for themselves the target of becoming influencers.

Goodwill helps us tick the right boxes and needle through to yield the right sensations. Sensations that enable. Sensations that motivate. Sensations that sustain and build new bridges to goals.

When skills, networks, sleight and stratagems fail, goodwill may get us through shut doors. When the consequences of wrong judgment calls, unfurl their wings in suffocating flight towards us, goodwill may enable springs in our steps by which we may bounce suddenly above their reach. If it is a case of blinding darkness, goodwill may split the gathering clouds for the ray of the sun to shine through and lead the way.

In uncertain times, such as the present when job security, or even securing gainful employment, is the leading concern for many persons, goodwill is certainly a handy tool to have and share in significant measure. And because it does not cost much to own or share, the case to have a significant portion, is easy.

Movie star, Dakota Johnson, who played the role of Maggie Sherwoode in the recently released Universal movie, The High Note, which featured actors like Tracee Ellis Ross (Grace Davis), Kelvin Harrison Jr (David Cliff), Ice Cube (Jack Robertson), and others, found herself unexpectedly, in the place of her dream, because she gave goodwill a chance! Instructively, when she shared her assets, she had no clue, it was going to connect her to the place she always dreamt about. And this is the quality in goodwill that truly influences. Goodwill that is not coloured or tainted by manipulative strains!

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