If you cattle me, I will egrets you

From the earliest of times, cattle and egrets were known together. Size and form didn’t matter. Very different on other parameters yet seemingly made for one another’s company. Until the day came when cattle decided to do one over the egrets. It was a strange spectacle to observe. The cattle that always enjoyed the company of the egrets while they grazed lush green pastures, gently moving pebbles and shrubs for the egrets to find their own grub, suddenly refused to move any pebbles or shrubs.

Interestingly and quite strangely, the egrets flew and perched on the back of the cattle, doing what they had always done, massaging the big backs with their tiny feet, as they walked back and forth, the cattle responding with their tails and head moving to express their appreciation. The latter part was how things used to be until today with the cattle showing no interest in the egrets’ attempt to stick to the once mutually beneficial routine.

The egrets, which will not be deterred by the sudden change from the cattle, continued to massage the big backs such that one almost wondered why the egrets would not just move on, accepting the new reality. ‘Na by force,’ some people would say down town. But I wanted to see and know why the egrets did not respond in kind to the cattle. And there was no way that would happen if I did not stoop to go into this fascinating world of the egrets.

Of course. I got off every high horse under me and walked through the palace doors of the egrets. That was when I noticed the egrets’ creed boldly written on the lintel, “If you cattle me, I will egrets you.”

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