Knowing the link between online insults and suicide, who’s checking the current temperature of Nigeria’s politics?

Who’s checking what temperature? I know where you are going with your question. This is not Japan where the government has toughened the penalty for online insults because of the established link between online insults and suicide. Nigeria is not Japan; they can go and die!

Who are you talking about?

If you cannot stand the heat, don’t go into the kitchen

Are you hearing yourself?

What is strange about death? Haven’t you been reading the news? The announcements are a dime a dozen these days. Let them go and die!

Stop saying it. Stop saying anyone should go and die; it is not right.

Wake up and smell the coffee; this is just the beginning. Mark my words; the level of online insults out of Nigeria will quadruple in the next 9months before a new government takes over in May 2023.

But it shouldn’t be that way; everyone has a right to live.

Tell me something I don’t know. See eh, let me tell you. Right now, I am very disgruntled. Do you know the meaning of that word? It means I am angry and not happy. Do you know that someone can be angry but happy with many things around him but when a man is not happy and gets angry at many things around him, he doesn’t care about the feelings of others? So, anyone can go and die!

Please can you stop using that line? I know you are angry and not happy with many things around you

And I know you’re trying to reason with a mad man but try something else.

What might that be if I may ask?

I’m sorry, thinking now makes me angry; I no longer waste my time on the exercise

Are you saying you don’t think anymore?

Who thinking epp? Let others who already do the thinking, continue or let them go and die!

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