What’s the coolest thing about the weather in Lagos since the national grid collapsed last Sunday evening?

My brother, I’m really loving the weather, cooler than cucumber. Thank God for mercies that never collapse.

You can say that again. Despite all we have done to the environment and are still doing (I just saw a video of a religious leader in Ibadan who added more putrefaction to the environment by raping a mentally retarded woman and using a white handkerchief from a calabash… Oh God, I’m sorry, I cannot say it…). The heat should be upon us right now and ferociously too because electric power that would have powered the cooling systems we built ourselves, have collapsed. Yet we are enjoying incredible cooling from the environment. Of course, how many of us have observed that we are reaping what we did not sow?

When mercy takes center stage we usually do not reap what we sow. Despite all the terrible things we keep doing, the weather seems to be pampering us right now in Lagos.

I know, right?

You know who this reminds me about, God, who lets his cool weather caress the wicked and the just at the same time.

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