#Liam Neeson’s The Marksman as a Metaphor series 10: Complete the mission and ‘disappear’

Which inspires more regard and appreciation, complete the mission and disappear or complete the mission and hang around to be praised and commended for your service?

Between disappearing and hanging around, which option has a higher possibility that the hero may engage in acts that could demystify his marksmanship and heroism, and in the process undermine whatever achievement was made earlier?

Liam certainly deserved a world of thanks for his selflessness and sacrifice. Yet for Miguel and his family in Chicago to carry the debt of their gratitude in their hearts in perpetuity was more beneficial to Liam than for him to hang around and be bathed in thanks from a grateful family. By not paying him off with their gratitude, they created the conditions necessary for growing individuals who would follow Liams example. And Liam on the other hand, opened himself up to being rewarded by Providence. History has shown that payback from Providence, especially for the kind deeds Liam showed, is often a much better package than is usually imagined.

Thanks Liam, for showing that not everything has to be transactional.

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