#Liam Neeson’s The Marksman as a Metaphor series 9: Show the way to a better life

Yesterday, we examined briefly the fact that top marksmen defend and train those children providence had given them charge over. A major component of the training is pointing the way to a better life.

Would the trajectory of Maurico, the attacker, not have been different if he had a marksman in the mold of Liam to defend and teach him, pointing him to a better life, when his own life was rudely interrupted as a child?

Can we see how to end the cycle of violence currently rocking many parts of the world, including our beloved Nigeria? Shouldn’t top marksmen in the mold of Liam rise up to defend and train boys and girls being raised on a staple of violence and revenge, pointing them to a better life? Shouldn’t they explain to these children the power of choice, which they possess and the need to use it for a better life?

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