DJ Cuppy, the allegory of Courage

So courage assumed the form of a pretty lady who was minding her show business. Putting in the time. Breaking sweat. To push her tunes through available channels. And parties. Just about enough to show she’s enjoying herself. Especially the pleasures, the hype and other members of those families.

Then suddenly she receives the call to come to Borno State. Imagine. Borno State. The state that carries the biggest burden of terror. Where fear is bought for free. That theatre draped in uncertainty but still peopled by many whose lungs and ours share many memories together by reason of the air we have all exchanged at one point or another.

Why should she leave the comfort and certainty of Lagos for Borno’s baggage? But courage knew it was the moment. Oh, this thing called the moment. God help us! Courage knew it was time to show up. It was duty time.

What was she going to do in Borno State when there were plenty things waiting for her to do in Lagos? Again, courage knew that urgent and real people matters, which was the substance of the invite to Borno State, always require immediate response. There is no virtue in vacillation whenever urgent and real people matters showed their hands. These people, fellow countrymen, internally displaced persons, needed new smiles on their faces, new seeds of hope, renewed belief in their hearts, new sprite in their steps. Theirs have been a clear and present call.

Speaking of call, there were many other persons who were invited to Borno State, as DJ Cuppy was but they turned down it down, for various reasons. But courage chose that as its moment to announce its belief in that thing the sages always said, ‘Do not judge a book by its cover.’

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