Tell that New Langya virus now rearing its head there’s so just so much a man can handle

Tell the virus to take another look around and see that mankind is currently stumped. Only yesterday, we called attention to the fact that rainwater, which used to be something we enjoyed drinking as children, is no longer safe for consumption. Everywhere you go or look, there is one challenge wanting to suppress some mankind’s liberty or another.

Remind the new Lanya virus that if it hopes to achieve the success of Covid-19, it is mistaken. And this is not a case of once bitten, twice shy. It is a case of there’s just so much a man can handle. In the Warri corner of the world, the proud citizens have evolved a philosophy which is rendered in pidgin English, namely: “All die na die,” meaning death is death, regardless of the means by which it comes. So, remind the new Langya virus that if it hopes to paralyze the rest of humanity with fear by news of its ongoing spread, it should have a rethink. He that is down needs fear no fall!

Those who have learned some valuable lessons from the last time and have found a way around these things are even beginning to find the NEVER AGAIN construct attractive.

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