What does Covenant Nation’s Pastor Poju Oyemade mean by: “You can’t be right and be successful; choose one?”

It means that you should now pay closer attention to what he says

You’re not serious, who told you I don’t pay close attention to what he says.

I said closer attention

Wait, wait. Is this a voyage on cherry-picking or a sincere attempt at probing a strong claim?

What do you think?

I think that Pastor Poju Oyemade is a teacher worth listening to. I think he has done much good to society, and is still doing much that is commendable


Three days ago, that is, last Wednesday evening, as I listened to him on YouTube, it was vintage Pastor Poju until I got to the 14:24 mark when he made the statement that started this conversation. I’ve heard him make the statement before but on Wednesday evening, something didn’t let it go down inside me.

You’re not going to take him out of context, are you?

I hope I am not because I don’t like being misquoted myself

Fair enough. What’s your concern?

Before I tell you, let me reiterate my earlier admiration for Pastor Poju. It’s obvious he wants his listeners to succeed as much as possible and he’s feeling fired up to put as much valuable content before them as possible.

Is anything wrong with that?

Pretty little, I guess. Oh, did you just use the word, ‘wrong?’

Yes, and so what?

Context or no context, do you really believe that you can’t be right and be successful? Are the two mutually exclusive?

I really don’t think they are mutually exclusive entirely

Please let’s not go into philosophical depths here

I won’t but you need to know that ultimately, when it’s all said and done, what will be more important: that one was successful or that one was right?

This was why I said you should stick to the context. Nonetheless, ultimately, it wouldn’t matter whether you remained as a mom-and-pop shop or whether you became a mega corporation, if you were not right.

Are you thinking what I am thinking?

I’ve told you long ago to stop asking me that question but if you mean that he will send his rebuttal to this concern in his usual ways then you are right, that’s what I was thinking.

Will you watch out for it?

Let’s just say I do what Liverpool FC fans do.

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