The sweet side of Ebun Oloyede, aka Igwe Olaiya’s Mercedes Benz gift from MC Oluomo last week

Writer, actor and Tinsel Director, Ben Chiadika once told an interesting story of how a king found a suitor for his only daughter. One day, the king invited all the eligible bachelors in his kingdom to the palace. He wished to conduct a test for the young men to select a husband for his daughter.

Then he caused the men to be gathered in front of a pool he said was infested with crocodiles and challenged the men to swim across the pool from one end to the other. The first person to swim across the pool will land the hand of his daughter in marriage with the attendant benefits.

All the suitors stood in front of the pool contemplating the task ahead when suddenly there was a loud splash in the pool. Immediately, every eye was riveted on the pool as a young man swam with all his might. Soon he was at the end of the pool. He got out to the sound of deafening applause from the king and other onlookers who were amazed at his bravery! He was out of breath for a moment but when he finally opened his mouth to speak, what came tumbling out was: “Who pushed me into the pool? Who pushed me?”

Many people were perplexed to discover that he was pushed into the pool but when they discovered that there were no crocodiles in the pool (that the announcement was all a ruse by the king) they wished they were the one that was pushed!

Sometime last week, a video circulated of Nigerian actor, Ebun Oloyede, aka Igwe Olaiya receiving the key to a Mercedes Benz courtesy of the chief executive of Lagos Parks, MC Oluomo.

The little story before the key was handed over to him is the kernel of this intervention. Sandwiched between two gentlemen, Igwe Olaiya was seen walking some considerable distance behind MC Oluomo and some persons. Suddenly the gentleman to Igwe Olaiya’s left pushed him towards the parked Mercedes Benz. As he tried to regain his composure from the evident shock on his face, the key to the car was dropped in his hand. The actor inside of Igwe Olaiya took over from there.

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