The Enemies of Nigeria are fewer than her Friends

The haters of Nigeria are fewer than her lovers. Those who wish Nigeria well are far more than those who wish her ill.

Following the announcement of the removal of subsidy by President Bola Tinubu in his inaugural address as president on Monday, May 29, petroleum marketers, most of whom had an old stock of products in their tanks, immediately jerked up the price per liter from N186 to N600/liter. They began to cash out immediately, as they say in local parlance.

By the following day, some transport operators had increased transport fares but the majority of people selling groceries and other essentials did not adjust their prices. A few of them may have adjusted their prices with some marginal increases but generally, the price of Garri, beans, rice, etc, remained unchanged.

Of course, this situation is expected to change in the coming days if things remain the same but the point is the fact that the majority restrained themselves from the temptation to immediately exploit the situation for greedy gains.

May God bless every individual and family in that group and make a way for them amidst the unfolding craziness.

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