The car he drives in his sleep

It is the same car he drives when he is awake but he prefers the car’s behaviour when he is asleep to what it does when he is awake. It hears him when he speaks to it while in dreamland but when he is awake, the car doesn’t hear when he speaks. The car likes to go on adventures in dreamland but when my neighbour is awake, his car behaves as if it is exhausted from Lagos traffic! In dreamland, it hears and responds swiftly to its owner’s calls.

He enjoys those adventure moments with his car, especially the ones that teach him some interesting lessons, like he had recently. While asleep in dreamland, my neighbour drove his car into what looked like a dead-end in a deserted neighbourhood. A few minutes later he came out of the car hoping to find any stranger he could ask for directions. He moved away from the car as he went on his search. When he turned around to look at his car after walking for a long time, he did not see it in the distance. Then it dawned on him that some guys had taken his car away. He began to call the car by its pet names but it did not show up, like it would have done in the past.

Unknown to him, some persons who had long been envious of the special relationship he shared with his car, had followed him, and stolen the car. Meanwhile, the car was busy trying to answer its owner’s call from the dungeon where it was kept. Everytime it heard its name, it moved and tried to free itself. Suddenly, it unfastened the strongest cables in the car and made it into a special heavy duty car towing rope which it flung at an electric pole in the distance.

Then slowly began to heave itself out of the dungeon. The more it heard its name from the lips of its owner, the more it moved until it came out of the dungeon and quickly returned the cables to their earlier position. While making its way out of the dungeon, the car ensured there was no scratch or dent on its body.

At last, my neighbour and his car were reunited but some minutes later, he woke up from dreamland. The first thought that hit him as he got out of bed was where would he find fuel for his car. Suddenly, he wished he was back in dreamland where he could easily ask his car about such things and get an answer almost immediately.

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