The duel between President Trump’s border wall and the resilience of Mexican smugglers

United States President, Donald Trump had boasted severally that his ‘Rolls Royce’ Wall, built at a whopping $10billion, was ‘virtually impenetrable’ to smugglers from Mexico.

Initially, many people doubted that the walls would go up. They did not think that President Trump had enough resilience in his tank to match his campaign rhetoric with action but he surprised that constituency and the walls went up. What President Trump probably did not reckon with is the fact that the market where resilience is sold has a free entry and exit policy. Those who market the commodity have long revealed it is free to air. But you must replenish your supply from time to time. Check your resilience levels often and top up as required.

Apparently, the demands of the Oval Office have caused the resilience supply of President Trump to be more frequently used up than was the case previously. China, the war on terror, the baying crowd of Democrats, and other formidable duels, have taken considerable chunk of the reserve, leaving pretty little to face the force of the resilience of the Mexican smugglers. Who have not needed to dissipate

much energy putting out different kinds of strong fires. But have amassed considerable resource from the smuggling trade to put up an impressive show in the unfolding duel.

Recent news report describing breaches of the wall, say the smugglers have found a way to make openings big enough for goods and persons to pass through. Using improvised power tools, they pick sections of the steel barriers to cut and continue their business.

Inevitably, United States Customs and Border Protection will scale up their own response to the breaches to effectively deal with the ‘menace’ but the fact of the place and power of resilience in the unfolding duel, remains undeniable.

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