This Children’s Day and that ancient declaration which says “…A little child shall lead them”

Is the declaration true? How can it be? Can a child ever lead Nigeria? I am not sure, my friend.

Which of your questions do you want me to answer?

All of them. Wait a minute, this country is too complex o. If adults are torturing their brains about leadership, what would children do? Remember what Pastor Tunde Bakare said a couple of days ago? He reminded his listeners that young persons who were given opportunities to lead, failed the country. If young people are challenged, where can the children do?

Today is Children’s Day. I will not join you in minimizing the possibilities resident in our children. The text says a little child shall lead them. I believe the author

You are free to believe whoever you like but please be reasonable. What kind of child do you think can lead Nigeria? Have you seen the national curriculum for Primary Education in Nigeria? What about that of Secondary Schools in Nigeria? Have you encountered any Nigerian child that know anything about the constitution in use in Nigeria today? Do you honestly think Nigerian primary education curriculum contains contents that help prepare the children to lead Nigeria if given the chance?

Did you know that Nigeria is not mentioned anywhere in the text under reference? See how quickly you went off on a tangent, working yourself up over something without any basis in the reality of the text. I think you should disrobe yourself of the usual tendency to see little and expect little or nothing from our children.

I hear you.

Seriously, we must stop these condescending attitudes towards children, especially Nigeria’s children. They are capable. And don’t go gung-ho on me about the all those complex things you like to throw up to bamboozle people you think are not learned

Tell me, how many Nigerian children can read a balance sheet? How many know anything about foreign exchange receipts? See what I mean? They are not ready.

Why are you so fixated on Nigeria? The text under reference says “A wolf shall dwell with a lamb; a leopard with a young goat; a calf with a young lion. A little child shall lead them. A cow and a bear shall share a meal while their little ones lie down together. A lion shall eat straw like the ox, etc.” Do you not think it fascinating that it a child that would lead these creatures that are natural enemies? Rather than fixate on Nigeria and all the barriers a child will ever have if he/she attempts to lead Nigeria, why don’t you think more about the deeper meaning of the text? It is a child, and not an adult that would lead a situation where ‘previously sworn enemies’ live together peaceably?

Do you think the text is speaking of our current situation in Nigeria?

Not specifically. But I believe strongly that there are elements common to both scenarios. Are there persons, groups, etc. in Nigeria today who you may liken to the wolf and lamb characters in the text?

I guess so?

Do you want to mention some of these individuals or groups?

I’d rather not

Are you afraid?

What is wrong in being afraid? You didn’t notice from your text that creatures that used to be afraid of others lose their fears when a child leads them

Oh, wow. I didn’t see that coming

You didn’t see what coming? Don’t you know that many of us are praying for real and lasting change from the way things are at the moment and if a child is the answer, by all means let the child lead the way. But wait a minute, 2023 is just by the corner. I am confused

As you should because you continue to halt between opinions. Stay in one place. Believe a child can lead us. This Children’s Day is an occasion to deliberately listen to the children. Make it a heartfelt thing and not something mechanical, formal, routine or half-hearted. If a child would lead previously ‘sworn enemies’ someday, doesn’t the possibility exist that right now, some children may have been given inherent capabilities in that regard? As we mark another Children’s Day, can we affirm our faith in our children’s abilities to lead and make the difference we have refused to make in our world? Can we be humble enough to come down from our high horses, admitting we have not done quite a good job so far of leading ourselves as adults, and let them share with us what they think we could do differently, to change the ways things have been?

Happy Children’s Day!

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