Pray to have a neighbour like some dry grass near me got recently

The weather has been dry. Very dry. It has been so for a while. Fallen dry leaves everywhere. Browning with Brownies Making dryness grin with envy because it could not have put on a better appearance than what we have seen lately. And the wind seemed to like the current status as the slight push from its wings produced a huge rustle from the resting leaves.

Suddenly, my neighbour decided to introduce a plantain into the space already singing the tunes of dryness. Something told my neighbour that he must water the plantain daily if his plantain will not join the chorus springing from the fallen leaves. He went to work, making sure he provided a generous supply of water on his beloved plantain every day.

A few weeks later, he noticed that the dryness that surrounded the bottom area of the plantain had given way to some of the freshest grass you could find anywhere. Though the water was meant for the plantain, some of it went to the surrounding areas. And others benefited

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