Another take on Apostle Johnson Suleiman’s claim that it’s an insult on us that Russia invaded Ukraine

Was that the only thing you heard the clergyman say in the report?

That’s the one that stuck out

Can you cut the man some slack? At least he moved you to pray for Ukraine

Let’s not go there, please.

What do you mean? The photo of him kneeling before a giant map while placing his right hand on Ukraine went viral

I know. I saw the photo. Do you think the disciples of Jesus went to him to teach them to pray because they saw that kind of display from him?

Don’t let Apostle Suleiman come after you.

He must know that I mean no harm

Why didn’t you send him a private mail instead of making it a subject of public discourse?

You have a point there but I also have a point in expressing my feeling when I was dragged into a matter that I strongly disagree with.

What is your point?

As a Christian, I don’t feel insulted that Russia invaded Ukraine

Why not?

Oh, so you agree with him that it is an insult on Christians that Russia invaded Ukraine?

I do not.

Then you must know why I didn’t feel insulted


I’m not supposed to feel insulted by that singular incident. There are too many incidents in the world today and they keep increasing by the day – Leah Sharibu is still not back from captivity; some 8 children under twelve years suffocated inside an abandoned Honda Pilot automobile in Badagry a few months ago, countless number of persons have been killed and others left broken and grieving needlessly, all across the country in the recent past and only last Friday, reports say that 20 persons attending a funeral were killed by gunmen. The gunmen also riddled the corpse with bullets. There’s so much more. If I’m not insulted by these cases, I cannot justify being insulted by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. I’m definitely outraged but not insulted. We must stop thinking of ourselves more highly than we ought.

Preach on, preacher

That’s not the point.

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