In Hon Abike Dabiri’s anger, she called Arise News’ Ladies, Girls

What should she have called them?

Calm down

For what? Why should I calm down? Do you know how old Hon Abike Dabiri is?

Do you know who I am?

What’s that supposed to mean?

Oh, you didn’t get it? Forget it

Get what? And forget what? You better mind your language?

Are you angry or what? I only wanted to draw your attention to what she called Ojy Okpe and Ayo Mairo-Ese

Why didn’t you call attention to what made her address them so?

Do you want to go that way?

I’m ready for any way. Do you think I don’t know where your sympathies lie

Do you know why David asked God to keep him away from presumptuous sins?

Can you show me where David gave you, his reasons?


Meaning this: shouldn’t you first take your own medicine before sharing it with me? You don’t want me to be presumptuous yet you presume to know the motive of someone you never had any physical contact with.

Oh, do you mean to tell me that you can only know someone through physical contact?

This discussion is beginning to exhaust me: Anger, presumption, and all whatnot, pls excuse me.

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