What if Scooby Doo was called Too Much as the creators originally intended?

  1. Might it have become a global franchise worth billions of dollars today?
  2. Mightn’t the story had been different if Fred Silverman, CBS executive program maker had heard Frank Sinatra’s Stranger in the Night’s last sequence correctly instead of mishearing him during a flight from New York to Los Angeles?
  3. Would Frank Sinatra ever have believed his scat sequence in Strangers in the Night, ‘Scooby dooby do,’ contained the name that would be loved by millions?
  4. Doesn’t the story of Scooby Doo’s success substantiate the fact that the pieces that make up a beautiful puzzle of success are usually found in unexpected places?
  5. And doesn’t the fact of pieces in unexpected places substantiate the demand to give back and return some of the gains of one’s success to the rest of society seeing that no single individual/team/group can truthfully claim complete exclusive ownership of all the pieces put together to achieve their success?
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