Why some say President Buhari should replace his ministers with Alibaba, Gordons, Bovi, Ay, IGoDye, Yaw, Taaoma, etc

  1. There’s a significant number of Nigerians facing poverty-induced troubles who wish to overcome them or forget them at the least
  2. Comedians usually make their audience temporarily forget their troubles
  3. Comparatively speaking, making people laugh is cheaper than giving them cash in a cash-strapped system
  4. Comparatively speaking, an atmosphere saturated with laughter is definitely better than one saturated by anger, resentment, suspicion, mistrust and
  5. Laughter can become the vehicle by which innovativeness, patriotism, selflessness, rule of law, meritocracy may be
  6. They wish to reclaim the trophy of ‘the happiest people on earth’
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