Opportunity #13 – Grow vegetables in the home for the mind to feed on something special apart from the regular issues #blackoctober

Why is the #EndSARS moment an opportunity for more people to grow vegetables in their homes so that the mind may feed on something special apart from the regular issues of human rights, survival, vengeance, governance, etc? What has growing vegetables in the home got to do with the demands of youths to end SARS or the response of government so far? Neither the youths or the government have complained about vegetables! But considering the fact of suspended frustration and the need to identify uncommon insights, it is imperative for everyone to look away from the anger, bitterness, irritation, resentment and their allies. Of course, insight is in short supply when there are no easy answers. Insight is in short supply when the parts seem greater than the whole. Insight is in short supply when the level of unforced error becomes disturbing.

By growing vegetables in our homes, we show solidarity with nature. In a cheap and inexpensive way. And in the process, confirm that at heart, we are happier at seeing things grow and flourish than seeing things die. We have both emotions in us but we are definitely happier seeing growing life than wasting life. If we moved to our happier side, we are likely going to stumble on insights that have eluded us for a while. These are insights we desperately need for these challenging times.

By growing vegetables in our homes, we are given an opportunity to have a more accurate view of the level of contribution we are making to life. We find ample proof as to why it does not make sense to think of ourselves more highly than we ought. Apart from putting the seed or stem in the ground, providing water constantly and weeding when necessary, our share of tasks is modest compared to the contributions of the sun, soil and other ‘characters’ doing their bit for the vegetables to prepare to grace our dinner tables. Before moving into our mouths on their way to becoming vital fuel for our bodies.

By growing vegetables in our homes, we bring up close authentic and undeniable symbols of life. At a time where signs and symbols of deaths are competing for our attention. And from these symbols of life, we may attract other forms of life.

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