If only Jean Reno could tell Barbara Opsomer when the lies started in Netflix’ Rogue City

It is obvious that Barbara Opsomer (Manon Leonetti) decided to join the police because of the example of her father Jean Reno (Ange Leonetti). Clearly, she admired him for modeling the 3-H Rule – Humility, Honour and Honesty. Or so she thought. Until the lies began to yield their predictable outcomes.

Thinking things were still the way they were, he made one of the silliest mistakes when he told her he did what he did to save his life and hers. Of course, she could easily tell the lies from the truth. The lies had steadily chipped away her admiration for him.

It is doubtful if he ever observed the lies in the silliest mistakes he made. Yes, lies in the silliest! Like him thinking she would not know the difference between the truth and his attempt to guilt-trap her. She had asked him, “When did the lies start?” Rather than coming out straight he went thus, “Would you prefer to have seen those (referring to the items used in blackmailing him) on the front pages?” She followed up with another lifeline to him, “I prefer you remained the cop I admired,” but he threw away the lifeline. He went still. Perhaps if he had heeded his own advice to some officers during a reception held in his honour, he might not have found himself in that awkward position.

Waxing biblical, he had said, “Poverty and disgrace come to he who ignores instruction but whoever heeds reproof is honoured.” Specifically, he had indicated to the officers that every assignment carried out in the interest of the public must be done with ‘humility, honour and honesty.’

What are some possible lies he told (beginning with himself) to make him ignore his instruction to others? More importantly, when did he begin the lies? Was it when he became the new Inter-Regional Director of the Judiciary Police, a position of great power and influence? Of did it begin long before he attained the powerful height? If he dealt appropriately with his first lie as a cop would the possibility of ‘compound interest’ on the lies have been created? What is the appropriate way of dealing with lies?

What are the common lies people tell with regards to humility, honour and honesty? What are the precipitating conditions that make lying about humility, honour and honesty possible?

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