Suddenly, “…You want to bam bam…” has made way for “Go lo, lo, lo, Buga”

Are you surprised? It is the way the world is designed. Today must make way for tomorrow; President Jonathan gave way for President Buhari; you too will pass.

Tufiakwa! I will not pass. Don’t insult me and please don’t make this about me.

Whether I make it about you or not, it is the way it is; you too shall pass

Do you want to annoy me this Monday morning or what? Don’t let me make you my excuse.

Your excuse for what?

Are you familiar with the term, ‘accidental discharge?’

I am

Then please be guided. Let’s stick to the subject

I’m no longer interested. You have just threatened me.

Can I shock you?

You have the floor

I’m sorry to say that whether you are interested or not, today will make way for tomorrow; if it’s any consolation, I too will pass. And you too will pass.

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