As The Doorman, Ruby Rose threatened to take Jean Reno to hell instead of sending him there

I wonder

Me too. Seriously, why take him to hell instead of sending him there?

I would have thought the one is better than the other

Of course. But why do you think she threatened to take him to hell herself?

She knew she was the last person standing between him killing every member of her late

sister’s family with whom she was recently reunited.

I agree but she could have sent him to hell without going with him. She didn’t need to go with him

Or maybe she was tired of her own life and felt she could ‘waste’ it while getting rid of the villain in hell

I don’t believe she was tired of her own life. She was a survivor. I didn’t see her as someone who would ‘waste’ her life that way

Aha! I get it now

You get what?

I believe I know why she threatened to take Jean Reno to hell instead of sending him there.

Please tell me

It’s simple. She forgot her Sunday School

Sunday School?

I’m sorry, not Sunday School but one of the favorite stories, children are taught in Sunday School

And what story is that?

The Three Hebrew Boys in Babylon, Meshack, Shadrack and Abednego. They defied King Nebuchadnezzar’s order to bow to his 90feet tall image of gold because of their devotion to Jehovah, their God. They knew the penalty for disobeying the king’s order was death via execution in a burning face. Yet they refused to bow to the image. At first, Nebuchadnezzar tried to ‘reason’ with the boys to reconsider their stance but they defied him further. In his anger, he commanded that the furnace be heat seven times more than was usually done. And that the boys should be thrown in afterwards. Unfortunately, those persons who took the boys to the furnace to carry out the king’s order, died from the heat of the furnace while Jehovah delivered the boys from the effect of the furnace.


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