Voting for the candidate who’s planning to change the name from Strife Nation to Nigeria

A certain man appeared in my dream last week and said he’s running for the presidency for one singular reason only. He said he wished to change the name of the country from Strife Nation to Nigeria. I asked him why he would have only one goal and one aim for running for the presidency. His reply shocked me: “There are occasions when one thing is all that is required because that one goal, when attained, will resolve all the other strategic concerns and issues.” His explanation seemed to make sense so I followed up with my next question. “Why was he fixated on changing the name from Strife Nation?” His answer was “Wherever there is strife, there is the presence of every evil work.” I could relate with the answer because history has long established the strong nexus between strife and the befuddling evil witnessed across many strife-laden societies.

When I asked him my final question as to what he will do to stop the spread of strife his answer was a profound one: “Get rid of the scorner and strife will cease.” Of course, I knew where that answer came from but I wasn’t going to let him leave until I asked the newly-minted-follow-up question: what will he do about scorners and scoffers in the age of social media? He smiled and put two of the fingers on his right hand to his lips: “The answer is not for today’s social media but tomorrow’s.” Then I woke up.

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