The Moskva, Russia’s flagship in the Black Sea that sank: Is nature playing any role in the war?

After weeping and praying for days in my closet for the Russia-Ukraine war to cease and for the process of returning to normalcy to begin, there were reports that the Moskva, Russia’s flagship warship in its Black Sea Fleet had sank in the same Black Sea while it was being towed home following an explosion and a fire incident.

The attempt to take home the Moskva was done through stormy weather. Apparently, the weather did not cooperate and the Black Sea received the massive machine into its bowels not long after.

What message did the stormy weather send? And what message did the Black Sea send? While it appears like nature has been relegated to the background in considerations and executions of the war from both sides, the ‘involvement’ of nature in the foregoing shows that nature wishes the reverse were the case. There is no question about the fact that nature is an active stakeholder in all matters done within its space even though by the actions of many, they seem not to believe this fact.

Is the war in nature’s interest or not? Who can prove that it is? If the war is not in nature’s interest, is it not enough reason to discontinue the war and begin the process of rehabilitation?

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