Is blame the new breakfast being served?

Blame is being served right, left and center. Especially from the currently trending incident involving the little girl of a popular school in Lagos. Fingers are punching devices and pointing in diverse directions. Sharers are sharing the shareables while comments and commentaries are being verbalized across places and platforms. Blame is being dished with incredible fervour.

With givers and takers returning the favour almost with equal gusto. It is almost as if there is an unwritten code that blame must go round. While some persons are flavouring their servings with sanctions others are flavouring theirs with sanctimonious toppings. Do blames make us bitter, better or barter with more of our own blames? Do blames take us up or bring us down?

But the incident involving the little girl is only one of the numerous incidents from where blame is being mined and piped, whether locally or globally. What’s going on? Has it always been like this in the recent past? What’s enabling the supply and distribution of blame? Inherent in the last question is the who’s to blame element, except there is a deliberate attempt to differentiate it from a sincere desire to know the what of an issue. What if we all simply focused on this issue of blame with more intent and honesty because of this little girl? And look more closely at the man we see in the mirror?

What kinds of purposes do blame serve, if any? And what’s the best advice ever given about the blame business?

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