Ekorona-Paraga – what if Sanwo-Olu had a control group where patients were treated with only Ekorona-Paraga?

This proposition is made based on a simple premise, namely that a great part of science is trial and error. And scientists always speak of trials. Like we hear heavyweights such as United States, China, Great Britain, Germany, India, Israel, etc, are currently doing in their attempts to find an effective vaccine for coronavirus.

The principle of trial and error holds that one keeps making informed choices and efforts until the target is achieved.

The experimental group is already in place in the various centers where patients who have contracted the coronavirus are already being managed by medical professionals in the state.

The Governor of Lagos state, Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu should consider setting up a control group of coronavirus patients in a special isolation center anywhere in Lagos. These persons will be given a special herbal brew called Ekocorona-Paraga to see how effective the brew could be in boosting immunity, and ultimately getting rid of the virus within the shortest possible time.

The recommendation is made because of the need to expand the scope of response to the unfolding health challenge. Regular facilities and personnel are being stretched to their limits. The NMA, Nigeria Medical Association has already painted a frightening scenario if the rising numbers hit a particular threshold. Would we not be better off having a solution that can be easily accessed by the vast majority of our people; one that does not require hospitalization? And one that is home-grown, like Ekorona-Paraga?

Why Ekorona-Paraga?

Paraga must be one of the more interesting sights of Lagos – how many people have not seen those enterprising, vibrant, diligent and hardworking ladies who hawk on their heads various herbal portions spiced with alcohol, called Paraga? Now, I know many people will have issues with the alcohol bit. What they cannot fault is the fact that many herbal portions have healing properties. How many people can fault the components in cinnamon, anise, turmeric, bitter-leaf, neem, ginger, garlic and other elements commonly used in preparing some of these herbal mixtures?

Long, long ago before we embraced medicines from overseas to cure health challenges, our forbears had no problem turning to locally brewed herbal mixtures. They were very effective. We have documented accounts of how the brews helped them greatly.

Ekorona-Paraga is derived from a word play using the original name of Lagos, Eko and Corona.

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