Prime Minister Balewa enjoyed the services of agent 00W. It’s what gave him his depth

Those who do not know that agent 007 is considering the call to step aside for agent 00W should read the earlier post here.

Meanwhile, my neighbour, arguably the biggest fan of former Prime Minister Tafawa Balewa, I know, has always suspected that Balewa enjoyed the services of agent 00W but he never had proof until yesterday. So naturally he came to share his proof with me. He was convinced this part of his life is the authentic explanation as to why he became a person of depth, and the witty, consummate, eloquent and considerate leader he was for Nigeria at Independence.

Balewa conferred closely with agent 00W, and soon became quite fascinated with administrators of the night and controllers of the dark. Before your mind begins to overreach itself, it is not what you think. Those of us who use words often (who doesn’t?) must always remember the bit about responsible use. The former prime Minister was intentional and deliberate about feeding his mind on things of natural wonder, on a regular basis. He saw the need to frequently ponder the wonder of the moon, stars. Despite his busy schedules, he knew the therapeutic value in leaving everything else, to simply gaze at the wonders up above. Persons who frequently gaze upon the wonders of the natural universe are often persons of depth.

Not one known to do the important things in small measures, the former Prime Minister bought himself a telescope to watch those members strut their wonder stuff in the night. At first, he used the telescope of his friend, Dr Moses Adekoyejo Majekodunmi, who actually introduced him to the renewing pastime.

Together they would sit beside each other in the night, in the residence of the former minister of health, and locate the planets. Balewa was deeply intrigued and fascinated by the rings of Saturn.

He had his aides move his telescope into his official residence when the equipment arrived, and often retreated to his garden to do the important pastime alone when stressful matters of state pressed his mind sore.

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