No, Macaulay Culkin, we don’t wanna feel old

Home Alone child superstar actor from the 90s, Macaulay Culkin turned 40 last Wednesday. He took to twitter and asked if we ‘Wanna feel old?’

No, Macaulay. Old is often associated with lonely. We don’t want to feel lonely. We want to be Home Alone with you. That way the magic won’t stop. The adventure would keep our adrenaline in overdrive. We loved the feeling, especially the spontaneity and how you were always thinking on your feet. We loved how you made those adults attempting to plunder your home, look stupid. You made some us believe we were smarter than some adults around us! That was a big part of your magic. We would always love you Home Alone. The memories you shared with us constitute some of our fondest from yesterday.

Only last Wednesday you turned 40! How did that happen? Oh, I get it, we moved on, forced by life. Someone told us time was passing us by. The sensations concurred. The bubble burst. The bills were shoved into our hands, instead of our parents’. What is that? Who are the parents today? Suddenly, we weren’t laughing like we used to do. We weren’t being amused as we used to do. Life happened, Macaulay.

Congratulations on turning 40years! Welcome too.

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