7 reasons why Akinwunmi Adesina needs our prayers now more than our congratulatory messages

  1. The period following a major victory is usually the period of heightened vulnerability
  2. Any kind of setback now will be considered sweeter victory by those who attempted to scuttle his dream of a second term at the prestigious office
  3. The temptation to milk the moment is almost always irresistible
  4. The temptation to completely ignore calls for caution and sobriety is usually high
  5. The temptation to ‘rub it in,’ is almost always irresistible
  6. The temptation to ‘take a break from all the celebrations’ to be alone to reflect, is almost always irresistible
  7. The temptation to assume the coast is completely clear and the possibility of all unexpected surprises eliminated, is also quite
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