Lionel Messi’s moving magnetic metaphor

It’s funny how some people blame football superstar Lionel Messi for his current travails with his club, Barcelona. They say he should have known. They say with all that money and success he should have seen this season and plotted a better navigation for himself. After all, he always knew how to meander his way all these years. How come he cannot seem to meander his way again. What happened? Two things happened.

First, all these years all these years Messi had learned how to meander his way past his opponents, his ‘enemies.’ Not his friends or family, which Barcelona was until now.

Secondly, and more importantly, his eyes were always on the ball and pretty little else was for other things. So, he became a genius on the field, and not so off the field. The genius of the field does not automatically address the demands off field. So, it is with Messi and so it is with most geniuses. They are almost superhuman in one area and hugely ordinary in others. Where else has Messi shown his genius apart from the field of play? Most times, geniuses give their all to a particular subject. Their power of concentration and dedication to that singular subject, is often a major reason for their success therein. Often, this is to the detriment of some other areas of their lives. Failure to closely scrutinize the small prints of a contract could be excused on this factor.

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