Memo to fans of Jennifer Lopez’ Marry Me waiting for ‘the answer to find them’ – 3

Keep the children close.

Why is the kingdom not promised to those who will not receive it like little children? And why does child-like faith captivate the attention of the most prominent? Why do the shadows of truth lift at the warm hug of a child? Do children charm because of how they persuade, persist or pierce through and through with their innocence? Or do children charm us because of how they remind us of how we used to be?

Or do they charm because of the strength inherent in their makeup? By the way, nature has provided evidence of their strength in their capacity to endure pain. Think for a moment of the ear-piercing that is done within a few weeks of the birth of many baby girls around the world. So that they can wear those beautiful earrings that accentuate their beauty later. Consider the fact that whereas no anaesthesia is administered on the babies before the procedure is carried out, the same cannot be the case if an adult female chooses to have her ears pierced.

Put simply, children are magnets! It is why those who keep them close enjoy the attendant benefits of receiving ‘the answers.’ For the answers will always find those that love the company of children.

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