Memo to fans of Jennifer Lopez’ Marry Me waiting for ‘the answer to find them’ – 4

Put away childish things as you journey ‘on your way!’

The beautiful thing about journeying on your way is that you discover some things you ought not to have done and some things you should have done a different way. With this discovery comes a certain feeling that what you wish for in the now is understanding and mercy rather than condemnation or justice. Wishing for mercy and understanding means some red lines were crossed in the past and there is no desire to repeat the same. One of the red lines people commonly cross these days is the practice of disdaining the sacred and treating sacred issues with scant regard. Infusing the Marry Me song for example, with lines and expressions held dear by many and implying their use apart from those to which they are more commonly associated, was one of those red lines moments. Thankfully, that portion belonged in the past when the journey towards the new way began.

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