So Gov Sanwo-Olu did not arrest the man that made that funny sketch of him?

What were you expecting?

Did you see how markedly different the sketch is from Gov Sanwo-Olu? The man no try at all. Yet he

calls himself “the best artist in UAR.”

What did agama lizard do when he fell from the palm tree?

Push-ups! But what has that got to do with anything?

If you no praise me, I will praise myself but you didn’t miss the substance of the story, did you?

What is the substance of the story?

Gov Sanwo-Olu’s gift to Nigeria.

What is the that?

Laugh at insults. Laugh at abuses. Laugh at mischaracterization. Laugh at mockery. Laugh at…

That’s enough. Na laughter we go chop? There is hunger everywhere. There is anger too. Yesterday was the first anniversary of #EndSARS. There was uncertainty everywhere, and you are here talking about laughing at insults. My friend, park for one side, abeg.

Do you know that anger kills faster than laughter?

You have come again o. So laughter can kill?

Yes, too much of it but I am sure if you ask most people, they would prefer to die from laughter than die from anger

Too much anger makes you a man while too much laughter makes you a sissy

You are unbelievable!

So are you! I am ready for you today.

Why so serious?

We are facing serious issues. I will not allow you to downplay them. I won’t.

What’s the biggest thing about a gift?

It is of no use to the receiver if it is not received

And when that gift is precisely what the receiver needs?

Then too bad

You really need help

All of us need help or have you forgotten that heaven helps those who help themselves

God bless you

For what?

Repeat your last statement.

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