Euro 2020 Finals: Who wins between Romeos and Homeos?

Who are Romeos and who are Homeos?

Romeos are supporters of Italy, driven by the spirit of Rome, the eternal city while Homeos are supporters of England, who say football is coming home

See what you have done?

What have I done?

Why didn’t you simply say who wins between Italy and England? Now you have invited those who wouldn’t have bothered about the game.

What are you talking about?

What was Romeo’s biggest expectation when he left home

Romeo, Home, expectation. You are confusing me

Football is a riddle

You cannot be serious. Football is a game with rules

Without question. But you are not paying enough attention to the puzzling side of the game

Because it’s all about the goals, my friend. Goals, goals, goals

In that case, you must stay with Dansgaard and Paul Pogba

You should be talking about Chiesa, Insigne, Immobile or Sterling, Kane or Grealish. Dansgaard and Pogba will not be part of the party today

I know. That’s why they left you with their gifts

Are you talking about their spectacular goals?

Yes… and the metaphors represented by the spectacular goals. Before you ask any further question ask what Christian Eriksen would think.

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