One significant thing about Sound Sultan’s Passing

The death of any loved one is always a painful experience. While the degree of pain may differ from one individual to another, no one can deny the disrupting influence of death. And while the coping techniques adopted by the bereaved may differ from one individual to another, there is no denying the fact that death takes its toll in many ways.

The passing yesterday of Nigerian musician, Olanrewaju Fasasi, popularly known as Sound Sultan, came as a rude shock to many persons around the world. It was painful news in many ways. He was only 44years old. He had so much more to add to his already glittering career. He had a wife. His children are still young. He had a “hard fought battle” before he yielded to death. And so on. Yet there is one significant thing about the entire story. Sound Sultan had time to say goodbye to some of the most important persons in his life. Of course, they may not have exchanged their goodbyes by voice but by gestures when the inevitable loomed large. And they could perceive it clearly and undeniably.

It is significant because many are not given the opportunity to exchange long goodbyes. For loved ones who were suddenly and abruptly bereaved, the level of shock and despair, rises quickly. Saturating much of everything with gloom. Leaving many to rue mostly the missed opportunity for any kind of goodbye. But for Sound Sultan and his loved ones, that was not the case.

And for the rest of us who would miss his craft and music, this is an indirect call to draw closer to our loved ones, enjoy the company we share, consciously appreciate the cords that hold us together and appreciate the gift of time given to us by Providence. So that whether suddenly, or if given the opportunity of exchanging long goodbyes, what happens after will remain useful fuels for those who will continue the journeys ahead.

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