Opportunity #1 – The opportunity to rebuild the police stations and make the new buildings speak a new language #blackoctober

  • What if young Nigerian designers and architects are invited to participate in a design competition for new police stations and barracks with certain parameters?
  • What if we began the rebuilding of the burnt down police stations and barracks with a strong desire to use the new facilities to immortalize the murdered officers and those members of the public who have been victims of police brutality over the years?
  • What if the buildings and barracks are designed purposefully to reflect welcome, warmth, friendliness, assurance, confidence and efficiency?
  • What if they are designed to inspire and sustain the perception that officers who make use of the facility believe in, and have committed to upholding the high standards communicated by the architecture and general outlook/feel of the buildings?
  • What if these facilities are designed as havens where the confidence of officers is affirmed, where their morale is constantly being boosted and one in which they are truly happy to occupy as they carry-out beat and off-beat duties?
  • Specifically, what if by and through these facilities the problem of psychological angst suffered by the ‘good officers,’ is considerably reduced if not completely eliminated. Psychological angst is a strong feeling of anxiety, apprehension or insecurity. We must not kid ourselves into thinking that the problem of psychological angst does not exist among officers, especially the ‘good ones.’ All the ‘projectiles’ and ‘missiles’ of the past weeks have certainly landed with some devastating effects. There was report yesterday about the reluctance of some officers to return to their beat. That is manifest psychological angst
  • The opportunity to make this development a nationwide operation in the sense that rebuilding of the affected stations and facilities lead to a complete remodeling and transformation of all police stations/facilities across the country using the same standards.
  • So that in a symbolic way the new stations and facilities will signal our embrace of the restart that expectedly, will permeate every facet of our national life
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