Michael B. Jordan’s interpretation of Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse: The Other side of Vengeance, #The OSOV Series – 4

“Some situations warrant thinking outside the box,” Guy Pearce (Defense Secretary Clay.) The pursuit of vengeance situations, are definitely thinking out of the box situations!

While Michael B. Jordan (John Kelly) was in one part of town coming to terms with his loss, and contemplating his quest for vengeance, in another place, Guy Pearce was dropping an important line. But Pearce left out an important detail: Nobody has a monopoly on outside the box thinking! Neither the seeker of vengeance, nor the person(s) targeted.

So far, we have revealed the identities of other participants in any pursuit of vengeance. We have mentioned anonymous sources that prove to be stakeholders in the enterprise. And we have mentioned members of the coincidence squad, who show their hand, as the seeker of vengeance doubles down on his target.

Another group with interest in the pursuit of vengeance may be called Out of the Box thinking squad. We are highlighting these other stakeholders in the pursuit of vengeance so that those contemplating the quest may expand the scope of their considerations in order for them to more realistically measure whether they will succeed or not.

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