Between the teenager who recorded George Floyd’s murder and the fellow who recorded Tiwa Savage/Seyi Shay salon spat

Her name is Darnella Frazier. She’s the teenager who recorded the murder of George Floyd. To the extent that her action significantly stimulated a narrative and stirred many hearts across the globe to demand for justice, and consequently enabled happiness for Floyd’s family and loved ones, from the way the case has proceeded, she has advanced the course of humanity. The recent recognition from the committee that awards the Pulitzer Prize, is testimony to the worth of her contribution.

On the other hand, what might one say is the course of humanity that was advanced by the individual who recorded the recent Tiwa Savage/Seyi Shay salon spat? What contribution did the recording make to existing narratives? Is the contribution one that served the course of justice, increased the level of happiness or one that commended itself as something to be emulated?

In what ways are the two individuals behind the two recordings alike and in what ways are they different?

Both recordings, done with handheld devices, contain disturbing and distressing contents. But they are different in one essential sense. Whereas Danella Frazier took from Derek Chauvin something that belonged to the rest of the world, the individual who recorded the Tiwa/Seyi’s salon spat took from them something that belonged to them both.

Moral of story: Leave with Tiwa Savage and Seyi Shay what belongs to them but take away from Derek Chauvin what belongs to the rest of the world. Let Tiwa Savage and Seyi Shay sort their matter between themselves but let actions that stand as barriers to justice be brought to the attention of all that they may be challenged by collective efforts, and eliminated.

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