Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo’s latest announcement would have made him a very happy father indeed but alas…

Tomorrow, 24th April is the anniversary of the passing of the great man. He has since transited from this world and can no longer participate actively in things of this world. Oh, how I still miss him.

Long before he passed away, he converted his portion of the land allotted to him into a large oil palm plantation, while most of his siblings and cousins sold off their portion of the family land for quick cash. When some people asked him why he bothered with the hard-work of growing a massive oil palm plantation, he told them that he wanted to leave an important gift for his many children.

The massive farm has grown and the palm fruits have been ripe for harvest for years but because nature does not tolerate waste, some persons and groups who have no idea or knowledge of the story of the farm, have moved in to help themselves with the ‘abandoned’ farm, while those for whom it was masterfully and lovingly created, enmesh themselves in envies, pettiness, competitiveness, unreasonable rivalries, suspicions, and other silly considerations.

The president of Indonesia, the world’s biggest producer and exporter of palm oil, Joko Widodo announced yesterday that from next week (April 28) Indonesia will no longer export palm oil until further notice because they want to control the soaring price of palm oil within Indonesia.

This announcement has automatically jerked up the price of palm oil making overnight millionaires of those who have the product! The opportunity which the visionary and great father saw, for which he laboured so hard for his children, has come but alas they are not taking advantage of it. Meanwhile, some of them struggle with things they otherwise have no business struggling with because adequate provision was made for them by the good man.

The leaders of the family and everyone else ought to swallow their pride, knock off envying, indifference and unreasonable rivalries to simply move to appropriate what is theirs because their father is aware of the news from Indonesia and its worldwide implications.

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