Go fast for me

For what

Go fast for me

You’re joking right, I’m already tired as it is

Go fast for me


Ok, what?

Oh, so you know how to feel exasperated. You asked me to go fast for you, I asked why, you said go fast for me. I said I was already tired, you said go fast for me. Tired of your call, I said ok, now you say ok what

What did you understand by go fast for me?

You spoke English, not Greek. I know the meaning of those words.

You’re sure?

Oh please, you wanted me to go fast for you. That is to move faster

Are you sure?

Isn’t that what you meant?

You told me you know the meaning of the words

Of course, I do

But I didn’t mean you should go faster

What do you mean then?

Shouldn’t you have answered my first request with that?

I’m sorry.

That’s not a problem. Now go fast for me

I don’t understand. What do you mean by go fast for me?

I mean stay away from food and other pleasures for me

Oh, oh. Is that what you mean?


I see. If I may ask, where did you get the idea from? I didn’t know you can fast for another individual apart from yourself.

Many, many years ago a famous Queen in Persia called Esther made the request of her Uncle and the rest of the family.

She did?


Just that? Didn’t she ask them to pray for her too?

The sources do not say but it is assumed that they did. Go fast for me

You go fast for me too

You’re welcome

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