On the debate about Nigerian Troops: It is Disillusionment not lack of Commitment

How many know the full identity and profile of one of the commonest visitors in the theatres of attrition and on the battlefields? How many have seen how it stalks like a shadow and creeps in deftly, slowly and steadily dismantling bricks of confidence and assurance, putting in their place mortars of hopelessness?

How many know that feeling that hugs so tightly when rather than change, things remain the same, despite our untiring efforts? What do we do when all we have done in faith and deed, amount to little more than a dent on the problem?

Correctly identifying disillusionment is precisely the first step in taming the monster. Unfortunately, confusing it with lack of commitment makes it slip easily from our grip.

By correctly identifying the psychological loop called disillusionment in the war against terror, we can more easily cage it, and thereafter deploy the appropriate equipment for boosting morale and returning to winning ways.

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