Is Covid content with playing second fiddle to the Russian-Ukrainian war?

Don’t mind Covid, jare; behaving as if it was going to end the world. Spreading fear and paranoia everywhere. Imagine the common virus, shaking everybody, everywhere! Nonsense!

Na wa o! Some people sha!

What do mean by some people sha? Face me, I am here with you!

I know. I’m just surprised you’d address Covid as a common virus.

Don’t mind the yeye virus! The foolish virus forgot that there is a time for everything

Did Covid upset you so?

Who didn’t Covid upset? Garbage virus thinking it would last forever when nothing lasts forever

Shouldn’t you tell that to the world’s currently most popular actors showing their skills in Europe? Those who have pushed Covid to the position of second fiddle.

Don’t they know that nothing lasts forever?

You think they do?

My brother. But wait a minute, what is wrong with being Number 2? Those of us who support Liverpool FC have not died.

Come of it, my friend. Do you think we don’t know your plans for Manchester City?

We have nothing against Manchester City. We mind our business and take it one game at a time. We will continue to focus on our goal.

What if your goal clashes with the goal of Man City?

I cannot answer that question.

See what I mean? You say you have not died being Number 2 yet you will not tell me what I need to hear

Should I now tell you that things are easier said than done, as if you don’t already know that?

You always have a way of putting your fingers on the heart of the matter.

What is the finger of the matter in the current circumstance?

The mis-match between words and action

And do you really think Covid will accept the diminished attention from the rest of the world in deference to the Russian-Ukrainian War?

Covid doesn’t have a choice. Its time has passed. The current season belong to another


Don’t put words in my mouth but I will leave you with this clue? The use of combined force among nations of the world elevated vaccines to the same position as Covid, with the latter edging it past the virus after some time. Even though I have no dog in the ongoing war, there is a thing or two to learn from the single-minded push of Covid versus the reaction of the rest of the world using combined forces.



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